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70455100 Questions in CardiologyMontgomery, Hugh.-Holdright, Diana.John Wiley & Sons, Inc.John Wiley and Sons, Inc.20019780727914897978058541966450638927MEDICAL / CardiologyRC681 .O54 2001eb616.12PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
5133A Caring Approach in Nursing AdministrationNyberg, Jan J.Chicago Distribution Center (CDC Presses)Chicago Distribution Center (CDC Presses)19989780870814785978058504244242330757MEDICAL / Nursing / Management & LeadershipRT89 .N93 1998eb362.173068PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
35284A Guide to Organophosphorus ChemistryQuin, Louis D.John Wiley & Sons, Inc.John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (US)20009780471318248978058527617545732521SCIENCE / Chemistry / OrganicQD305.P46 Q56 2000eb547.07PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
11850A Handbook of TCM PediatricsFlaws, BobBlue Poppy EnterPrisesBlue Poppy Press20069780936185729978058512346271752404HEALTH & FITNESS / Children's HealthRJ48 .F53 2006eb618.92PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
4655A Theory of Language and MindBencivenga, ErmannoUniversity of California PressUniversity of California Press19979780520207912978058503294842330004LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / GeneralB3613.B3835 T48 1997eb401.9PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
9234Acoustic PhoneticsStevens, Kenneth N.MIT PressMIT Press19989780262194044978026228438742856189LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Linguistics / Phonetics & PhonologyP221.5 .S74 1998eb414.8PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
60970An Introduction to Discourse Analysis : Theory and MethodGee, James Paul.Taylor & Francis (CAM)Taylor & Francis (CAM)19999780415211864978020315918748138569LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / VocabularyP302 .G4 1999eb401.41PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
32562Analytical Methods in Combinatorial ChemistryYan, Bing.CRC Press (CAM)CRC Press20009781566768092978058523867844956800MEDICAL / PharmacyRS419 Y15 2000eb PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
25777Basic Skills for Organic Chemistry : A ToolkitRosenfeld, Stuart M.Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Inc.Jones & Bartlett Learning19989780763707415978058524507244957204SCIENCE / Chemistry / OrganicQD251.2 .R68 1998eb547.0076PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
20668Behavioral GeneticsDiLalla, Lisabeth F.Taylor & Francis (CAM)Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.19989780805898460978058524490744953789PSYCHOLOGY / Developmental / GeneralQH457 .B44 1998eb155.7PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
993Biotechnology : Science, Engineering, and Ethical Challenges for the Twenty-first CenturyRudolph, Frederick B.-McIntire, Larry V.National Academies PressNational Academies Press19969780309052825978058502533942329141SCIENCE / BiotechnologyTP248.2 .B574 1996eb660.6PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
70243Cardiology in Critical IllnessGalley, Helen F.BMJ Publishing GroupBMJ Books,20019780727915436978058541476850553300 RC684.C36C36 2001eb616.12028PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
17169Causality and Chance in Modern PhysicsBohm, David.University of Pennsylvania PressUniversity of Pennslyvania Press19999780812210026978058512650044960409SCIENCE / EnergyQC6.4.C3 B64 1999eb530.01PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
984Chemical Ecology : The Chemistry of Biotic InteractionEisner, Thomas-Meinwald, Jerrold-National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)National Academies PressNational Academies Press19959780309052818978058502312042328971SCIENCE / Chemistry / GeneralQH541.15.C44 C48 1995eb PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
27436Chemistry of Non-stoichiometric CompoundsKosuge, KåojiOxford University Press USAOUP Oxford19949780198555551978058522145844962078SCIENCE / Physics / CrystallographyQD921 .K67 1994eb548.8PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
25576Chemistry Today and Tomorrow : The Central, Useful, and Creative ScienceBreslow, Ronald.Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Inc.Jones & Bartlett Learning19979780763704636978058521260944955161SCIENCE / Chemistry / GeneralQD31.2 .B75 1997eb540PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
20864Computer Assisted Language Learning : Program Structure and PrinciplesCameron, Keith.National Book Network InternationalIntellect Books19889780893915605978058520245744959989LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Grammar & PunctuationP53.28 .C664 1989eb418.00285PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
14307Computing the Future : A Broader Agenda for Computer Science and EngineeringHartmanis, Juris.-Lin, Herbert.-National Research Council (U.S.).National Academies PressNational Academies Press19929780309047401978058512070644955388COMPUTERS / HistoryQA76 .C5855 1992eb004.0973PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
2027Crisis Management for Corporate Self-defense : How to Protect Your Organization in a Crisis-- How to Stop a Crisis Before It StartsAlbrecht, Steven.American Management Association, AMACOM DivisionAMACOM19969780814402658978058501948242328712BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / LeadershipHD49 .A39 1996eb658.4PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
23856Critical Perspectives on Nonacademic Science and EngineeringDurbin, Paul T.Lehigh University PressLehigh University Press19919780934223157978058518883644964510TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / GeneralT14 .C77 1990eb601PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
69701Education and Dramatic ArtHornbrook, David.Taylor & Francis (CAM)Routledge20029780203134351978020327000450322285EDUCATION / GeneralPN3171 .H67 2002eb371.3990941EPUB;PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
44893Equity and Science Education ReformLynch, Sharon J.Taylor & Francis (CAM)Routledge20009780805832488978058531867745729580EDUCATION / GeneralQ183.3.A1 .L96 2000eb507.1073EPUB;PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
25656Essential GeneticsHartl, Daniel L.-Jones, Elizabeth W.Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Inc.Jones and Bartlett19999780763708382978058531645145730993 QH430 .H3732 1999eb576.5PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
25700Essentials of Molecular BiologyMalacinski, George M.-Freifelder, DavidJones & Bartlett Publishers, Inc.Jones & Bartlett Learning19989780867208603978058522378044956488SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Molecular BiologyQH506 .M368 1998eb572.8PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
1212Every Child a Scientist : Achieving Scientific Literacy for AllNational Research Council (U.S.)-Center for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education.National Academies PressNational Academies Press19989780309059862978058503083844958651EDUCATION / ElementaryLB1585.3 .E95 1998eb PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
73090Evidence-based CardiologyYusuf, SalimJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc.BMJ Books20039780727916990978058542860450989397MEDICAL / CardiologyRC667 .E95 2003eb616.12PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
22439Evidence-based PediatricsFeldman, WilliamB.C. Decker, Inc.B.C. Decker20009781550090871978058530551645730941MEDICAL / Gynecology & ObstetricsRJ61 .F45 2000eb618.92PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
54310Evidenced Based Pediatrics and Child HealthElliott, Elizabeth.-Davis, Robert L.-Gilbert, Ruth.-Klassen, Terry.-Logan, Stuart.-Mellis, Craig.-Williams, Katrina.John Wiley & Sons, Inc.John Wiley and Sons, Inc.20009780727914248978058538785749569177MEDICAL / EssaysRJ50 .E95 2000eb PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
17916Evolutionary Algorithms in Engineering and Computer Science : Recent Advances in Genetic Algorithms, Evolution Strategies, Evolutionary Programming, Genetic Programming, and Industrial ApplicationsMiettinen, Kaisa.John Wiley & Sons, Inc.John Wiley and Sons, Inc.19999780471999027978058529445245728460COMPUTERS / Software Development & Engineering / GeneralQA76.618 .E87 1999eb005.1PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
18318Evolutionary GeneticsMaynard Smith, JohnOxford University Press USAOxford University Press19989780198502319978058527783745731762SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Molecular BiologyQH390 .M39 1998eb572.838PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
52346Financial ManagementShim, Jae K.-Siegel, Joel G.Barron's Educational Series, Inc.Barron's20009780764114021978076418017047010777BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Organizational BehaviorHG4027.7 .S47 2000eb658.1592PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
25578Fundamentals of Nursing ResearchBrockopp, Dorothy Young.-Hastings-Tolsma, Marie T.Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Inc.Jones & Bartlett Learning19959780867206876978058516184644955198MEDICAL / Nursing / Research & TheoryRT81.5 .B76 1995eb610.73072PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
17919Genetic Algorithms and Evolution Strategy in Engineering and Computer Science : Recent Advances and Industrial ApplicationsQuagliarella, D.John Wiley & Sons, Inc.John Wiley and Sons, Inc.19989780471977100978058530332145728526COMPUTERS / Intelligence (AI) & SemanticsQA402.5 .G4533 1998eb PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
73326GeneticsRobinson, RichardGale Division of Cengage Learning Inc.Gale Division of Cengage Learning Inc.20039780028656069978002865890255983868SCIENCE / Life Sciences / EvolutionQH427576.03PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
32375Genetics & Human Health : A Journey WithinBrynie, Faith HickmanLerner Publishing GroupLerner Publishing Group19959781562945459978058518402944954093JUVENILE NONFICTION / Health & Daily Living / Diseases, Illnesses & InjuriesRB155 .B79 1995eb616.042PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
25654Genetics : Principles and AnalysisHartl, Daniel L.-Jones, Elizabeth W.Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Inc.Jones & Bartlett Learning19989780763704896978058531275045730915SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Genetics & GenomicsQH430 .H3733 1998eb576.5PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
18312Group Relations, Management, and OrganizationVince, Russ.-French, RobertOxford University Press USAOUP Oxford19999780198293675978019158603344957754BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Mentoring & CoachingHF5549.5.G73 G76 1999eb658.31244PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
65965Handbook of PediatricsRosenberg, Adam A.-Kaplan, David W.-Merenstein, Gerald B.McGraw-Hill ProfessionalMcGraw-Hill Professional199797808385362549780071383639609232266MEDICAL / Gynecology & ObstetricsRJ48 .H3 1997618.9202PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
19353Handbook of Research Design in Mathematics and Science EducationKelly, Anthony E.-Lesh, Richard A.Taylor & Francis LtdRoutledge20009780805832815978058526677045728403EDUCATION / GeneralQA11 .H256 1999eb507.1EPUB;PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
66299Hurst's The Heart : Manual of CardiologyO'Rourke, Robert A.McGraw-Hill ProfessionalMcGraw-Hill Professional20019780071354158978007138355449851959MEDICAL / CardiologyRC667 .H88 2001eb616.1PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
14031Improving Teacher Preparation and Credentialing Consistent with the National Science Education Standards : Report of a SymposiumNational Research Council (U.S.)-Center for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education.National Academies PressNational Academies Press19979780309056922978058508453443475624SCIENCE / Study & TeachingQ183.3.A1 I49 1997eb507.1073PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
20927Independence on Trial : Foreign Affairs and the Making of the ConstitutionMarks, Frederick W.Scholarly Resources, Inc.Scholarly Resources19869780842022729978058517822644961224 E303 .M417 1986eb327.73PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
17789Information, Organization, and Management : Expanding Markets and Corporate BoundariesWigand, Rolf T.-Picot, Arnold.-Reichwald, RalfJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc.John Wiley and Sons, Inc.19979780471964544978058516055944962592COMPUTERS / Management Information SystemsHD30.213 .W54 1997eb658.4038011PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
19346Innovations in Science and Mathematics Education : Advanced Designs for Technologies of LearningJacobson, Michael J.-Kozma, Robert B.Taylor & Francis (CAM)Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.20009780805828467978058523956945728325EDUCATION / Teaching Methods & Materials / Science & TechnologyQ181 .I654 1999eb507.12PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
11003Instrumental Realism : The Interface Between Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of TechnologyIhde, DonIndiana University PressIndiana University Press19919780253206268978058510836043476112TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / GeneralT14 .I352 1991eb601PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
17931IPNs Around the World : Science and EngineeringKim, S. C.-Sperling, L. H.John Wiley & Sons, Inc.John Wiley and Sons, Inc.19979780471970774978058531813445728803TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Chemical & BiochemicalQD382.P68 I66 1997eb668.9PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
73947Joyce Effects : On Language, Theory, and HistoryAttridge, Derek.Cambridge University PressCambridge University Press20009780521661126978051101716251203079LITERARY CRITICISM / European / English, Irish, Scottish, WelshPR6019.O9 Z525647 2000eb823.912PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
14098Keeping Pace with Science and Engineering : Case Studies in Environmental RegulationUman, Myron F.-National Academy of Engineering.National Academies PressNational Academies Press19939780309049382978058514251744964220POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Environmental PolicyTD153 .K44 1993eb363.737PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
19372Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics : Teachers' Understanding of Fundamental Mathematics in China and the United StatesMa, Liping.Taylor & Francis (CAM)Taylor & Francis (CAM)19999780805829082978113567986645728472EDUCATION / Teaching Methods & Materials / MathematicsQA135.5 .M22 1999eb372.70973PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
39570Male and Female Circumcision : Medical, Legal, and Ethical Considerations in Pediatric PracticeDenniston, George C.-Hodges, Frederick Mansfield.-Milos, Marilyn Fayre.Springer Science & Business MediaSpringer19999780306461316978058539937949851244POLITICAL SCIENCE / GeneralGN484 .M35 1999eb172.2PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
53934Managing Business Risk : An Organization-wide Approach to Risk ManagementYoung, Peter C.-Tippins, Steven C.American Management Association, AMACOM DivisionAMACOM20009780814404614978081442549749414718BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Insurance / Risk Assessment & ManagementHD61 .Y68 2000eb658.155PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
23493Materials Science and Engineering : Forging Stronger Links to UsersCommittee on Materials Science and Engineering.-National Materials Advisory Board.-Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems.-National Research Council.National Academies PressNational Academies Press19999780309068260978030951578847011336TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Materials ScienceTA404.2 M38 1999eb PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
19337Mathematics Classrooms That Promote UnderstandingFennema, Elizabeth.-Romberg, Thomas A.Taylor & Francis (CAM)Routledge19999780805830279978058511811644957212EDUCATION / GeneralQA11 .M37537 1999eb510.71EPUB;PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
13209Mathematics for Dyslexics : A Teaching HandbookChinn, Stephen J.-Ashcroft, J. Richard.John Wiley & Sons, Inc.John Wiley and Sons, Inc.19989781861560438978058512412444964470EDUCATION / Special Education / Communicative DisordersQA11 .C483 1998eb371.9144PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
17878Mathematics in Engineering and ScienceMustoe, L. R.-Barry, M. D. J.John Wiley & Sons, Inc.John Wiley and Sons, Inc.19989780471970934978058536090447008167 QA37.2 .M878 1998eb510PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
27224Measuring the Science and Engineering Enterprise : Priorities for the Division of Science Resources StudiesNational Research Council (U.S.).National Academies PressNational Academies Press20009780309068925978058524389444960427BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Industries / GeneralQ180.55.E9 M437 2000eb PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
24274Mind in Art : Cognitive Foundations in Art EducationDorn, Charles M.Taylor & Francis (CAM)Routledge19989780805830781978058517971144961733EDUCATION / GeneralN87 .D67 1998eb707EPUB;PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
39268Molecular Cardiology in Clinical PracticeSanders, Michael-Kostis, John B.Springer Science & Business MediaSpringer19999780792386025978058538141148138666MEDICAL / CardiologyRC682.9 .M645 1999eb616.1207PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
45806Music, Society, EducationSmall, ChristopherWesleyan University PressWesleyan19969780819563071978081957223348138577MUSIC / GeneralML3795 .S55 1996eb780.7EPUB;PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
35178Neighbors and Strangers : The Fundamentals of Foreign AffairsPolk, William RoeUniversity of Chicago PressUniversity of Chicago Press19979780226673295978022667331844959995POLITICAL SCIENCE / GeneralD31 .P66 1997eb327PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
14132New Horizons in Electrochemical Science and TechnologyCommittee on Electrochemical aspects of Energy Conservation and Production-National Materials Advisory Board-Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems-Division on Engineering and Physical SciencNational Academies PressNational Academies Press19869780309037358978058508491643475656TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Materials ScienceQD553 .N37 1986eb541.37PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
6628Nuclear Physics : The Core of Matter, The Fuel of StarsNational Research Council (U.S.).National Academies PressNational Academies Press19999780309062763978058504716442330884SCIENCE / Physics / GeneralQC786.7 .N83 1999eb PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
22445Nutrition in Pediatrics : Basic Science and Clinical ApplicationWatkins, John B.-Walker, W. Allan.B.C. Decker, Inc.B.C. Decker19979781550090260978058528272545731001MEDICAL / PharmacologyRJ53.D53 N88 1997eb615.854083PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
14318On Time to the Doctorate : A Study of the Lengthening Time to Completion for Doctorates in Science and EngineeringTuckman, Howard P.-Coyle, Susan.-Bae, Yupin.National Academies PressNational Academies Press19909780309040853978058514342244955464EDUCATION / HigherQ183.3.A1 T83 1990eb507.1173PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
61003Organization and Management in the Embrace of GovernmentPearce, Jone L.Taylor & Francis (CAM)Psychology Press20019780805837698978058538128248139416BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / ManagementHM786 .P43 2001eb305.35EPUB;PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
25683Philosophical and Theoretical Perspectives for Advanced Nursing PracticeKenney, Janet W.Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Inc.Jones & Bartlett Learning19999780763709174978058518304644956273MEDICAL / Nursing / Research & TheoryRT84.5 .P53 1999eb610.7301PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
44090Philosophy of Nursing : A New Vision for Health CareBrencick, Janice M.-Webster, Glenn A.State University of New York PressState University of New York Press20009780791443804978058527642745727315MEDICAL / Nursing / Research & TheoryRT84.5 .B74 2000eb610.7301PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
74795Political Questions Judicial Answers : Does the Rule of Law Apply to Foreign Affairs?Franck, Thomas M.Princeton University PressPrinceton University Press19929780691092416978140081164951328409LAW / Legal HistoryKF4651 .F73 1992eb342.73044;347.30244PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
748Polymer Science and Engineering : The Shifting Research FrontiersNational Research Council (U.S.).National Academies PressNational Academies Press19949780309049986978058502112642328821TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Chemical & BiochemicalQD281.P6 P635 1994eb PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
54664Reconfigurations : Critical Theory and General EconomyPlotnitsky, Arkady.University Press of FloridaUniversity Press of Florida19939780813011721978081302324348139499PHILOSOPHY / History & Surveys / ModernB831.2 .P55 1993eb190.904PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
1172Science for All Children : A Guide to Improving Elementary Science Education in Your School DistrictNational Science Resources Center (U.S.)National Academies PressNational Academies Press19979780309052979978058502245142328921EDUCATION / Teaching Methods & Materials / Science & TechnologyLB1585.3 .S388 1997eb372.35044EPUB;PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
69533Science Teacher Education : An International PerspectiveAbell, Sandra K.Springer Science & Business MediaSpringer20029780792364559978030647222050321304SCIENCE / Study & TeachingQ181 .S25 2002eb507.1PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
7874Science/technology/society As Reform in Science EducationYager, Robert EugeneState University of New York PressState University of New York Press19969780791427705978058508900342856313SCIENCE / Study & TeachingQ183.3.A1 S37 1996eb507.1073PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
46060Scientific Financial Management : Advances in Intelligence Capabilities for Corporate Valuation and Risk AssessmentGlantz, Morton.-Doorley, Thomas L.-Amacom.American Management Association, AMACOM DivisionAMACOM20009780814405000978081442460548139055BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Corporate Finance / GeneralHG4026 .G622 2000eb658.15PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
66712Teachers' Learning : Stories of Science EducationWallace, John-Louden, William.Springer Science & Business MediaSpringer20029780792362593978030647218349852204SCIENCE / Study & TeachingLB1585 .W255 2002eb507.1PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
863Tempo and Mode in Evolution : Genetics and Paleontology 50 Years After SimpsonFitch, Walter M.-Ayala, Francisco Josâe-National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)National Academies PressNational Academies Press19959780309051910978058503722642854596SCIENCE / Life Sciences / BiologyQH366.2 .T46 1995eb EPUB;PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
20263The Clan of the Flapdragon and Other Adventures in EtymologyMcKee, RichardUniversity of Alabama PressUniversity of Alabama Press19979780817308810978058517678944958347LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Linguistics / EtymologyP106 .M3745 1997eb412.0207PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
48458The Discovery of Kepler's Laws : The Interaction of Science, Philosophy, and ReligionKozhamthadam, JobUniversity of Notre Dame PressUniversity of Notre Dame Press19939780268008802978026807757045844085SCIENCE / AstronomyQB355.3 .K69 1994eb521.1PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
48785The MIT Guide to Science and Engineering CommunicationParadis, James G.-Zimmerman, Muriel L.MIT PressMIT Press19979780262161428978026228122547011509LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Composition & Creative WritingQ223 .P33 1997eb808.0665PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
12424The Philosophy of BiologyHull, David L.-Ruse, Michael.Oxford University Press USAOxford University Press19989780198752134978058513460443476797SCIENCE / Life Sciences / BiologyQH331 .P468 1998eb570.1PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
74021The Politics of Nursing KnowledgeRafferty, Anne Marie.Taylor & Francis (CAM)Routledge19969780415114929978020342896251098659MEDICAL / Nursing / GeneralRT81.G7 R34 1996eb610.73071141PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
74634The President and His Inner Circle : Leadership Style and the Advisory Process in Foreign AffairsPreston, ThomasPerseus Books, LLCColumbia University Press20019780231116206978023150610651320994POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Process / LeadershipE840 .P74 2001eb327.73009045PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
1444The Rise of Political Economy As a Science : Methodology and the Classical EconomistsRedman, Deborah A.MIT PressThe MIT Press19979780262517232978026228220842329154BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Economics / GeneralHB171 .R415 1997eb PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
32632The Theory of Money and Financial InstitutionsShubik, Martin.MIT PressMIT Press19999780262194273978026228359547011528BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Money & Monetary PolicyHG220.A2 S55 1999eb332.4PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
32651The Theory of Money and Financial InstitutionsShubik, Martin.MIT PressMIT Press19999780262194280978026228360147011553BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Money & Monetary PolicyHG220.A2 S55 1999eb332.4PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
48726Theory and Structure in International Political Economy : An International Organization ReaderLipson, Charles.-Cohen, Benjamin J.MIT PressMIT Press19999780262122153978026227842347010887BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / International / EconomicsHF1359 .T445 1999eb337PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
17054Theory of LanguageWeisler, Steven.-Milekic, Slavoljub P.MIT PressA Bradford Book19999780262731256978026228800244957490LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Linguistics / GeneralP121 .W427 2000eb410.1PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
38907Theory of Language Syntax : Categorial ApproachWybraniec-Skardowska, Urszula.Springer Science & Business MediaKluwer Academic Publishers19919780792311423978058526680045731622LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Grammar & PunctuationP161 .W913 1991eb415PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
7341Thinking Constructively About Science, Technology, and Society EducationCheek, Dennis W.State University of New York PressState University of New York Press19929780791409398978058509230042856455SCIENCE / Study & TeachingQ183.3.A1 C47 1992eb507.1073PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1
8704Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and TechnologyCenter for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education.National Academies PressNational Academies Press19999780309062947978058507497942636701EDUCATION / HigherQ183.3.A1 T73 1999eb507.1173PDFFALSETRUEFALSE1 User1